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Brand Visibility

Window graphics can significantly increase brand visibility. They can prominently display a company’s name, logo, or other branding elements, making it more recognizable to potential customers.


Sale & Specials Promotion

Businesses can use custom window decals to advertise sales, specials, and events. This can attract more customers and boost sales.


Cost-Effective Advertising

Custom window decals are a cost-effective way to advertise. They’re typically less expensive than other forms of outdoor advertising and can be easily updated or replaced as needed.


professional appearance

Well-designed and installed window graphics can give a business a professional look, enhancing its credibility and appeal.


Attract Attention

Eye-catching custom window decals can draw attention to a business, encouraging more people to stop and browse.


Temporary campaign promotion

Given their ease of installation and removal, custom window decals effectively promote temporary campaigns or seasonal offers.


Stand out from competition

Unique and creative window graphics can help your business stand out.

Take advantage of foot and vehicle traffic with custom window decals for any business.

Window decals and graphics are commonly used by businesses in all industries. Here are some of the most common places where you can find custom window decals and graphics being used:

healthcare facilities

Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies might use window decals to display important information like visiting hours, department locations, or health advisories.

Office buildings

These establishments may use window graphics to display their logo, company name, or other branding elements. They can also provide privacy or reduce glare inside the building.

restaurants & cafes

These businesses frequently use window graphics to showcase menus, special offers, or operating hours. They can also add a decorative element to the storefront.

service providers

Businesses such as salons, spas, and gyms use custom window decals to promote services, display prices, or highlight specials.

retail stores

Retail stores often use window decals to advertise sales, promotions, or new products. They can also be used to display store hours or other important information.

Educational Institutions

Schools and colleges often use window graphics for branding purposes, to display school spirit, or to provide directional information around campus.

Elevate Sign Group is your one-stop shop for business window decals and graphics.


We work closely with all parties – customers, local governments, and landlords, to ensure allowable signs that grab attention.


No matter where you are starting from, we have experienced designers to create logos, signs, and other branding materials.


We manufacture all signage using premium materials at our 27,000 sqft production facility in Lombard, IL.


With a fleet of service trucks and highly trained crews, we can handle any installation – big or small.


Have signage issues? Our sign technicians are quick at diagnosing problems and providing tangible solutions.

We can match existing window graphics and decals, or help you create new ones.

It doesn’t matter the size or type of business; window decals can be customized for any budget and area. With several materials and types, our designers can help you select what’s best for your business.



This is the most common material used for window decals. It’s durable and versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Two types of vinyl are often used: calendared vinyl, which is cost-effective and ideal for flat surfaces, and cast vinyl, which is more flexible and better suited for curved or uneven surfaces.


clear vinyl

Clear window decals are made of transparent vinyl material, allowing for a see-through effect. These are great for businesses that want to showcase their messaging without blocking light or visibility.


opaque vinyl

Opaque vinyl is best for designs that are not too intricate and need a solid background color. They block visibility through the window.


static cling vinyl

Unlike regular vinyl decals, which use an adhesive to stick to surfaces, static cling decals use the power of static electricity to adhere to windows. They’re easy to install, reposition, and remove, making them a popular choice for temporary or seasonal promotions.


perforated vinyl

Perforated decals have tiny holes allowing one-way visibility. From the outside, customers see the printed graphic, but from the inside, occupants can see out through the window.


frosted vinyl

Frosted decals give windows a semi-transparent, sandblasted look, adding a touch of elegance while providing privacy.

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