Make your business known with post and panel signs.

These towering titans of advertising are designed to grab attention, stop traffic, and leave a lasting impact on anyone who sees them. Whether you’re looking to mark your presence along a busy road or create a memorable entrance for your establishment, pylon, and post signs are the ultimate way to stand tall and make your business shine. Get ready to make a statement that can’t be ignored with these eye-catching signage solutions!





Next-level post and panel signs for prime locations!

Post and panel signs are popular signage typically consisting of one or more panels mounted on posts. These signs are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including site identification, wayfinding, directional signage, business advertising, and more. They are commonly found in outdoor settings and are known for their durability and visibility. Elevate Sign Group can make any post and panel sign.

Business Frontage
Parking Lots
Educational Institutions
Parks and Recreation Areas
Shopping Centers
Commercial Complexes

Business Frontage

Post and panel signs make excellent storefront signs, showcasing your brand name, logo, and other relevant information. They help attract attention and create a professional image for your business.

Parking Lots

Placing post and panel signs in parking lots can assist with directing traffic flow, indicating entrance and exit points, marking reserved parking spaces, and providing essential instructions to visitors.


Post and panel signs are often used in subdivisions and developments to display important information such as neighborhood names, property listings, community rules, and amenities.

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities use post and panel signs to display campus maps, building directories, event information, and important notifications.

Parks and Recreation Areas

These signs can guide visitors through parks, trails, and recreational areas, providing directions, trail maps, safety guidelines, and park rules.

Shopping Centers

Post and panel signs can be strategically placed throughout shopping centers to guide shoppers to different stores, entrances, exits, and amenities like restrooms and food courts.

Commercial Complexes

Post and panel signs can be utilized in commercial complexes to identify individual businesses, display directory listings, and provide helpful information for visitors and tenants.

We can make any type of post and panel signs for all types of businesses.

Elevate Sign Group are experts on post and panel signs.


We work closely with all parties – customers, local governments, and landlords, to ensure allowable signs that grab attention.


No matter where you are starting from, we have experienced designers to create logos, signs, and other branding materials.


We manufacture all signage using premium materials at our 27,000 sqft production facility in Lombard, IL.


With a fleet of service trucks and our highly trained professionals, we can handle any installation – big or small.


Have signage issues? Our sign technicians are quick at diagnosing problems and providing tangible solutions.

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